TEECOM’s culture is built upon core values, shared and appreciated by all members of the company, thereby helping each individual to act and behave properly.

Mutual respect.

Always see the silver lining in every situation, see opportunities in risks, see the good in your teammates as well as leader and company.


Learning and growth.


Always uphold the spirit of willingness to learn new skills, update knowledge to improve work, create new values and solve problems more effectively.

Being proactive.

Express as well as protect your opinions confidently.

Able to stay actively creative, come up with new ideas and make use of resources to turn them into reality.

High adaptability, proactive communication and integration, is a factor that positively influences friends and community.

Live with ambition, passion, desire to contribute and act towards the goal.


Be self-aware of your own goals and the company’s orientation, make the choice of action to achieve the highest efficiency.

Take full responsibility of your actions and be prepared to see your work through to the end.


Be open, listen, support each other and respect different points of view.

Success must come from the collective, not the individual. Teecom advocates mutual support in all aspects, moving towards a common goal instead of pushing for the interests of each individual.